Teka$hi 69 Got A Lifetime Ban From the Strip Club


The Barclays Center in Brooklyn isn't the only venue where Teka$hi 69 is no longer welcome at.

The Ace Of Diamonds strip club in LA jumped on Instagram yesterday and banned 69 from inside their titty-filled walls.

"Please don’t come again #Tekashi69 Thank You for spending your money with us," the strip club wrote under a photos of 69.

The action likely steams from an incident earlier in the week.

69 was aggressively throwing cash at the Ace of Diamond strippers during a Memorial Day visit. That pissed off someone in the crowd who threw their glass at 69. Only they missed and hit the woman next to him in the chest. 69 was quickly whisked out of the club. 

Now they've concluded it's not worth the trouble to ever let him back in.

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