Teka$hi 69 Gets Good News In Cop Assault Case


In May, Teka$hi 69 was hit with felony assault of a cop after a traffic stop in Brooklyn went awry.

That's not a good charge to catch, because it comes with seven years.

However, 69's busy lawyers have worked their magic. They got the charge knocked down to a misdemeanor. While 69 was accused of squeezing a lieutenant's hand so hard it swelled, it's been determined that the injury wasn't serious enough to warrant a felony.  The new charge can get you a max of one year.

69 is in Texas today dealing with another misdemeanor assault; this one stemming from an incident with a 16-year old heckler in a Houston mall.

It's not that serious either. But it remains to be seen of all of these cases -- plus the suspended sentence he's still on for pleading guilty to use of a minor in a sexual performance -- end up netting him something serious.

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