Tee Grizzley Comments On Eminem As Detroit's Gatekeeper

By HHL Editors

Tee Grizzley has certainly made a name for himself with the hit 'First Day Out,' which has snagged him high profile co-signs from JAY-Z and Lebon James.

The 23-year old hails from Detroit, so when he stopped by The Cruz Show he was asked if he had sat down with Motor City OG Eminem.

He said he hadn't but would like to. Then Cruz wondered if you have to go through Eminem if you're from Detroit.

"I mean, it's good to because he's a pioneer from the city," said Grizzley, "but I wouldn't say it's mandatory."
Grizzley's very success would prove it isn't "mandatory." But do you buy into the idea that certain cities have gatekeepers who heavily influence who makes it from their town? If so, what cities do you think have one -- and who is it?

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