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Taylor Swift Apologizes To Nicki Minaj, Who Is Thrilled to Accept

By HHL Editors

Before Meek Mill's Drake outburst grabbed all the headlines, everybody was buzzing about Taylor Swift and Meek's girl Nicki Minaj getting into it on Twitter.

Earlier today, Taylor Swift apologized for making Minaj's VMA outburst all about little old Taylor when she jumped in and accused Nicki of pitting women against each other.

Anyone with a even a semblances of a brain realizes that Nicki did reference Taylor Swift and her skinny body during her bitter VMA rant. Yet despite this, Minaj denies doing so.

But there's a difference between referencing somebody and calling them out, and it looks like Swift concluded it would have been better if she stayed out of the conversation altogether.

Nicki was thrilled with Taylor's apology, and got all Valentine's Day in response: 


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