Taylor Bennett Summoned To Court After Partying With Malia Obama

By HHL Editors

Last week, footage of Malia Obama smoking a J with Chance The Rapper's brother Taylor Bennett hit the web.

While there were all sorts of jokes about what the White House was going to do to Taylor, who's also a rapper, we doubted there would be any retribution.

That's because the President was pretty fond of the weed when he was a youngster -- plus the Obama and Bennett families are old Chicago friends.

But maybe we were wrong.

Bennett is now being summoned back to court on a 'violation of supervision' parole violation. It stems from a 2015 case in which Taylor was caught on tape beating on a man who had stepped on his shoe during a party.

Given these things take some time to process, it could be the summons is unrelated to what happened on tape with the First Daughter.

But given Joey Badass has already accused the White House of using the Secret Service to protect the First Daughters from rappers, you never know.

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