Taxstone Throws Every Insult In The Book At Wack 100 [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

The beef between Taxstone and Wack 100 began when The Game and Meek Mill had problems in the fall of 2016, and now things have really escalated over the Soulja Boy-Chris Brown madness

After Wack threatened the popular podcast host for talking dirty about him in several interviews, Tax shot back and dissed him for trying to make their beef an East, West Coast thing.

"Why this old bitch n---- Wack 100 keep talking about me," he said. "Shut up, you old bitch ... Every n----- your age got mad millions and shit. You out here sucker. Who the fuck is you? ... The West ain't even say nothing with you. You said that by yourself. You want to bring the West in it? No, ain't nobody looking for help. Taxstone by his self, n-----."
The Game's manager hasn't responded to this lastest diss yet.  But in a post from three weeks ago he threatened Tax and said he'd attack him no matter where they were.

I've touched 12 countries as of today. And I can't wait to get home to my great country for one reason. To give @taxstone a good ole American ass whoopn. Fag nigga got my name in his mouth in all his interviews. I don't even know this clown nigga. But thanks to the good ole American way I now know he's living on my coast. Ima dog walk you nigga. Since you want some attention Ima let you get to know me in the worst way. There will be footage and a blog nigga. Remember you started this one clown. I don't give a Fuck where we at Church or a radio station ain't no passes on Piru. #youwantedmyattentionNowYouGotIt

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You can check out some of the back-and-forth between the two men above and below.

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