Tatted Up Monsters Brag Of Sex Crimes Against Kylie Jenner

By HHL Editors

Rappers and tattoo enthusiasts Stitches and InkMonstarr have recorded a rather graphic Tyga diss track in which they both brag of having sex with Kylie Jenner.

Since the lil Karadashian just turned 18, that would make them [sorta] criminals.

In the video for 'Kyga She's A Liar', they seem to produce evidence that Kylie and InkMonstarr have DMed each other. But InkMonstarr is the guy who once photoshopped an image of himself Facetiming with Chris Brown, so that should be viewed with skepticism. (Stitches scored a viral hit last year with 'Brick In Your Face', and has a few songs on YouTube with over a million views.)

Anyway, the song is kind of catchy in an agro way. And it seems like it's open season on poor Tyga.

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