Tadoe Threatens To Kill Teka$hi 69 & May Have Beaten Cuban Doll Over 69 Rumors


Teka$hi 69 and Cuban Doll did the Billy music video together. And they've allegedly done more than that.

Such rumors have bothered Chicago rapper and Chief Keef associate Tadoe, who is dating Doll. 

So he threatened to kill 69. (69 didn't seem too worried about it.) He also seems to have beaten Cuban up for her lack of loyalty.

See all of the videos/evidence below.

#glogang “Tadoe” calls #tekashi69 and wants him to lose Cuban doll number .

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Apparently #tadoe Wasn’t rocking with #cubandoll being all flirty flirty on Instagram live with #tekashi69 😳

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#tadoe ig account uploads the bruises on #cubandoll after he allegedly beat her up for talking to #tekashi69 . Wow .. UPDATE: Seems like Cuban Doll posted these photos herself from Tadoe account. She also went live and posted to his story and his feed.

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Is Tadoe gonna be a problem for 69 or nah?

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