T.I. Tells Iggy Azalea To Stop Beefing On Twitter And Be Like Tom Brady

By HHL Editors

At this point, Iggy Azalea may be more  known for her low-octane beefing than she is for her music. And that's even if you think her music is worth knowing about.

The Australian import is always quick to fire back on Twitter when her authenticity or her place in Hip Hop is questioned. But now her mentor T.I. is saying enough is enough. In interview with TMZ, this is what Tip recommended when asked if Iggy should keep responding to her detractors.

"Absolutely not," T.I. said. "I think she should focus on what got her here. That's her music, her performing, and continue to just present her talents to the world." "It's just like asking Tom Brady if he should be commenting on deflate-gate," he continued. "He should be worried about the big game on Sunday."
There you have it. Tip thinks Iggy can be like Tom Brady. Discuss.

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