T.I. Pays Tribute To Shawty Lo

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T.I. and Shawty Lo came up together in Atlanta.

Bit they weren't always on the best of terms, and fired some pretty intense diss tracks and videos at each in 2008.

They had since made up since, and earlier today T.I. jumped on IG to pay tribute to Shawty, who died this morning in a car crash at age 40.

Damn!!! I just woke up to some Bullshit News...RIP to a true Westside Atlanta Legend!!!!! You truly represented Bankhead to the fullest!!! My Heart goes out to his family,and his children as well. Even through our toughest times I must admit I was impressed,& kinda proud of how well you rep'd our hood,and how much you cared for it. It was a real relief to have someone else helping to lift Bankhead up & hold it there. Can't say enough about how much you meant to the city. Glad we matured beyond our trivial personal differences in time enough to have a laugh about it as neighbors. For those of us who were around & "in the mix" in the mid-late 90's,we know the "Legend of Lo" started waaaay before Music. We salute U G!!!! Rest easy,You'll truly be missed. #RIPShawtyLo #TrueAtlantaLegend

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In an interview with XXL, T.I. further elaborated on their beef:

We were mad respectful. Even though we were going through our things, there weren’t no real lines crossed, you know what I’m saying? I think we both had respect for one another, even in our differences just because I’m sure he knew the things that I’d done, I knew of things that he’d done. He knew people I knew, I knew people he knew, so it wasn’t like we could ignore the fact that there were some positive, respectable qualities about one another, you know what I’m saying?
He also spoke on the spirit of Carlos 'Shawty Lo' Walker

Well, you know what, I’ll remember him as someone who hustled and took nothing and turned it into something. And when he had something, he took that something and turned it into more of something. That’s the true spirit of where we come from. Ninety-nine percent of us born over there are born with absolutely nothing. So as we come up, as we’re raised in this environment, we’ve got to find ways to maximize the potential of our talent and we don’t really have people to show us to how do this. So all the things that we learned how to do, we pretty much learned it ourselves, you know what I’m saying? Whether it’s gambling, hustling and going from that and taking it over into music. Recording, performing, manufacturing and distribution of music.

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