T-Pain Accused Of Squandering Millions Because He Couldn't Stop Spending


Earlier this year, T-Pain sued Chase Entertainment for illegally taking commissions from him, amounting to over a million dollars.

Now they are suing him right back.

In their filings, Chase claims T-Pain is broke because he spends too much and is trying to weasel his way out of paying them what they are owed. 

“In a futile effort to come up with a negotiating strategy to help T-Pain leverage his way out of his irrefutable legal obligation to pay Chase post-termination management commissions, believed to be in excess of $1 Million, T-Pain finds himself reduced to fabricating absurd and baseless claims against his former manager. Despite repeated demands by Chase, T- Pain has refused to account to or pay Chase for their rightful share of commissions.

Sadly, much of that money was squandered by T-Pain, despite Chase’s entreaties to T-Pain over the years that he control his profligate spending habits. Unfortunately, T-Pain’s financial self-destructive conduct continued unabated even after the parties ended their professional relationship.”

In an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk last year, T-Pain admitted he got so broke he couldn't even afford fast food.

"I definitely had to run out of money first,” Teddy tells Vaynerchuk. “I had to borrow money to get Burger King. It got that bad. And I still had artists, and stuff. I was paying for photoshoots, and I was borrowing money to do all that."

In October, it was reported that T-Pain was about to lose his Florida home because he couldn't pay off the fairly modest 85K mortgage on it.

Sadly, news of his financial issues have reached the ladies of the pole:

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