T.I. Gets Heated With Fan Who Invades His Personal Space

By HHL Editors

T.I. is entitled to a little personal space, just like everybody else.

But for the second time this year a fan got a little too up close and personal with Tip.

This wasn't nearly as bad as the male groupie who grabbed at T.I.'s ass during a show.

Today, we have a stage 6 selfie-taker and car-leaner upsetting Tip's trip to the gas station.

"You leaning on my truck, you getting way too comfortable," T.I. tells the "grown ass" fan, after admonishing him for taking six selfies of the two of them.
The dialogue between the two becomes more and more heated as more as more feelings get involved.

What do you think? Was Mr. Grown Ass Selfie Taker in the right, just a little out of line, or completely out of line?

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