T.I. Explains Why The New Generation Can't Understand OGs Like 2Pac & Him


T.I. was one of the many who ripped Lil Xan for calling 2Pac's music boring.

He spoke on that during an MTV interview, and he expanded his criticism of Xan to that of all of the new generation mumble kids.

"The younger generation wants to be respected, and they feel that that respect comes from the disrespect of the former generation,” says T.I. "The things you  hear me rapping about, these are things I actually I had to live through them. I actually had to go out and do these things. I earned the right to speak about them."

Tip then argued that new generation basketball players like Steph Curry, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant have something in common with older players like Dr. J. and Michael Jordan because they went through the same preparations. However, he doesn't feel like young rappers like Lil Xan went through the same type of rap preparations as folks like he and 2Pac and Biggie did.

"Right now you have people discussing other people that haven't gone through these necessary steps that they've gone through and you are critiquing their work when you ain't really walked their path," T.I. argued. "This guy Lil Xan has never really taken the time out, he's not aware of how much work actually went into making it where Pac made it, where B.I.G. made it."

Do you agree with Tip that the youngsters just can't understand?

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