T.I. Accused Of Stealing Money From Doe B, Beef Starts

By Daryl Nelson


T.I. and Doe B's former manager DJ Frank White have been going at it on Instagram, and it started when White accused Tip of still making money off the late rapper.

Doe was signed to Grand Hustle before he was gunned down in 2013.

After White made the accusation, T.I. posted a screen shot of a bank statement that showed where the money from Doe's music is actually going. From there, the former manager said Tip is lying, and he'd provide proof with real financial statements.  This isn't the first time the Atlanta rapper was accused of taking money from the Alabama MC. He was also called out for it it a couple of years ago.

Yikes! #PostAndDelete What's the tea #TIP?

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Anyone wondering where my Lil bro @cbmdoeb money goes.... 1.To his Estate 50% 2.Frank White @djfwhite 25% 3. Loyalty Promotions (Franks Mgnt partners)25% .... @djfwhite why u taking Lil bro bread & actin like it's us? Remember champ... Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang ain't never gotta steal rob or cheat ANY ARTIST... because if it all goes bad,on our worst day.... WE GOT a TI!!!!! #BigOleFacts #MissMeWitDaFuqShit

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Yall relax... let me get the paperwork together to show you.. you know he trying to cover it up. I got em. Please be patient. Love you Doe... the people who has all the details i have already text. I would rather not nAme them amd get them involved.. however if they dont send methe breakdowns. You all will learn a lot #onGod

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"Listen, paperwork stuff is coming soon," said White. "I have plenty of proof on the way. I promise you it's coming. Give me until tonight or in the morning because he's probably going to try and change the accounts and stuff."

Eventually, T.I. said White was the type of person who talks tough, then calls the cops.

By the way it looks, this beef won't be resolved anytime soon, and you can see the exchange above and below.

@djfwhite Daaaamn cuzz how we go from this to that so fast?!?! Oh I know how... cause you so much of a snake that my son seen it!!! When @domaniharris1 fired yo ass (not even me) u resort to this. But I'm so so straight on u cause I know u a cop!!! U da Feds Bruh. Da kinda white boy to talk tuff shit to ya & shake ya hand smiling wit ya drinking a beer while da police comin.... #BigOleFacts #MissMeWitDaFuqShit #ErrrbodyKnowYousAWholeHO

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#fact they stole @cbmdoeb song. Doe never received $1 from this... @troubleman31

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#cbm has not received $1 from this... neither has doe b or his family.. im sorry if you were unaware. Maybe now you can correct it @troubleman31 #tinevermade$1offdoeb

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This is not a feature they STOLE DOE song. @troubleman31 you never made a $1 off @cbmdoeb ?? i am from the gump well been there long enough but something aint adding up my constituency who is #hustlegang ? Your honor

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#proof on the way

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