T.I. Triples Down On His Opinion That He Created Trap Music

By Daryl Nelson

T.I. said that he created trap music again.

It was something that he stated in the past, most recently a couple of months ago. This time he said it during an interview with Hip-HopDX.

"Wait a minute, I don’t want it to be hearsay like I’m speculating or proclaiming this personally," said Tip after the reporter brought up his claims about inventing the sub-genre. "I want you to tell me when did you first hear the words trap music put together before Trap Muzik dropped?"
He continued.
"We can go back historically and check actual references that before that album dropped the term didn’t exist," Tip stated. "So, you don’t have to say 'Well, you say you created it.' So tell me, who created trap music first before me? It’s okay to say it ... You don’t have to step around it and tip-toe. Just say it how it is. But it has grown from the contributions of others who have taken it far beyond where I left it or where I could have taken it."
What do you think about what Tip said?
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