Suge Knight And Katt Williams Are Getting Sued For Roughing Up Female Photog

By HHL Editors

Yesterday, we learned Suge Knight (along with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube) were named in the wrongful death civil suit for Terry Carter, the guy Knight is currently facing trial for murdering with his car.

That won't be the only civil suit the Death Row founder is facing in the near future.

Back in October, Knight and the always excitable comedian Katt Williams were arrested for taking a female photographer's camera and threatening to rough her up.

According to the lawsuit, instead of doing the job himself, Knight -- ever the gentleman -- had a "bitch" come and beat her down.

Between the criminal charges and civil lawsuits in both cases, Knight has a lot on his plate.

He also seems to have an army of lady goons at his beck and call.  Which is ... well ... it's something.

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