Suge Knight Dismisses Lawsuit Against Chris Brown After Threat

By HHL Editors

In 2014, Suge Knight was shot seven times during the release party for Chris Brown’s album X, which took place at 1 OAK nightclub in LA.

He's since sued Brown and 1OK, claiming it was their lack of security that allowed the gunman to get off so many shots.

TMZ has learned Suge just dropped the suit. Why? Brown sicced his legal muscle on him.

Brown's super-lawyer Mark Geragos sent a letter to Suge's legal team stating their case against Brown was doomed and that when it was thrown out Chris would fire back with a malicious prosecution lawsuit.

Suge has a lot on his legal plate already with the pending murder charge and all. So they decided to drop the case against Breezy. According to TMZ, no money changed hands.

Legal goons are the best kind of goons.

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