Suge Knight Cosigns Tupac Murder Theory Laid Out In New Doc

By HHL Editors

The new documentary Tupac Assassination III: Battle for Compton forwards the theory that Suge Knight, not Tupac, was the target in Las Vegas a little over 20 years ago.

Knight -- through his criminal attorney Thaddeus Culpepper -- has signed an affidavit saying the story laid out in Battle For Compton is truth.

Culpepper [Knight’s attorney] told Carlin individually that not only did Knight confirm the events as portrayed in Compton, which portray Knight was the intended target and Shakur as collateral damage, as true, but also goes on to allege that these 1996 events may have been the first in a history of attempts on Knight’s life, culminating in the recent attempted killing of Knight at the 1OAK Club in Los Angeles, where Knight was shot six times,” a film spokesperson says. “When Knight was not being shot at, he has been the target of allegations that he was responsible for the shooting of Shakur rival Christopher ‘Biggie Smalls’ Wallace in 1997. In fact, even now Knight is held pending trial, where he stands accused of running over a man with his truck in what he contends to be yet another attempt on his life.” “He admitted to Culpepper that the theories in the movie were true,” the source adds. “Bond had met with Knight’s private investigators, who were interested in how this information was collected, and Bond and Carlin stand by their insistence that Knight was a victim in Vegas, at One Oak and in the Compton incident Knight is currently pending trial for. “The hope is Knight’s confirmation of the story laid out in Compton (the film) may put a final stamp to close this mystery, after 20 years.”
There is reason to be skeptical of Knight's cosign. He's awaiting trial for vehicular murder, and it behooves him to allege there is a long term plot against him because it will help his claim of self-defense in the incident.

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