Styles P Has A Strong Opinion On The J. Cole-Kendrick Lamar Debate

By Daryl Nelson

Is J. Cole on the same level as Kendrick Lamar in terms of lyrics and skill level? It's a question that came up on Peter Rosenberg's new internet show Open Late, on which Styles P was a guest.

The way Styles sees it, Cole and Lamar are on the exact same tier of MCing, but the North Carolina spitter just doesn't get the same type of credit.

"J. Cole is right next to Kendrick," said Styles. "J. Cole is fucking nice. I don't care how boring they say he is ... For somebody to be able to sell that story repeatedly, that's fucking amazing, dog. I'm a big J. Cole fan. I'm a big Kendrick fan also. I don't see where ya'll got Kendrick a notch over Cole. That's not flying with me. That's the same tier of rap. Kendrick may be a bigger star than J. Cole ... I think J. Cole gets the short end of the stick."

Do you agree with Styles? Are Cole and K Dot on the exact same level, or is Kendrick a few notches above? You can listen to the conversation below starting at the 14:00 minute mark.


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