Stitches Wants Truce With The Game

By HHL Editors

The Game has been great for Stitches' name recognition but bad for his face.

Now, in a new interview with XXL, Stitches says he's done with the beef.

"At the end of the day, dog, both of us are acting like children right now to be honest," the Miami rapper said. "This situation is already done."
Then he explained there will be no more diss tracks or antics directed at Game in the near future.

However, his challenge to box Game still stands. Game had initially accepted that offer -- with the condition Stitches needs to first Game's producer Nick D's first -- but then deleted the IG post on which he did.

In the XXL interview, Stitches also explains the origin of his beef with Game. He says Game hit him with a subliminal on behalf of Tyga after Stitches claimed he had sex with Kylie Jenner in his track 'Kyga She's A Liar'.

Nah, it’s just one of those things that was like everybody knows that Tyga always has a lil beef and the Game always likes to comment and save him," Stiches said.
Stitches also doubled down on his claim that Game paid two members of Stitches' own crew to turn on him and beat him up in what became a widely circulated video.

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