Stitches Goes After The Game With Diss Track 'Don’t Fear Death'

By HHL Editors

Stitches has a lot of embarrassing problems. But getting out a diss tracks in a timely manner is not one of them.

Despite suffering damage to his left eye during his multiple beat downs last week, Stitches is back with The Game slamming 'Don't Fear Death.' Check it out.

I walked up to The Game then I got sucker-punched / You was with 30 niggas and you could run either one / I walked up by myself and I ain't even bring a gun / You a stupid nigga if you think this beef is done," Stitches raps.
Then, after threatening Game's life and mentioning his children, Stitches brings up the whole stripper thing:

"The drug game, that's my game / You ain't never sold cocaine / You ain't never sold a thing / You used to sell your ding-a-ling / Stripper-ass nigga dancing for them dollas / Stripper turned to rapper, nigga that's a real problem," Stitches raps.
Stitches is one persistent bugger.

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