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Stitches Denies Leaving KKK Message On XXXTentacion's Phone

By Daryl Nelson

Earlier this week, XXXTentacion said that a KKK member left a threatening message for him after he released his controversial video for his cut 'Look At Me!'

Now people think the person's voice on the message is Stitches, another Florida rapper who's known for his attention grabbing stunts.

The 'Brick In Yo Face' rapper does sound a bit like the person on the voice message.  But it's something he adamantly denied in web video.

Stitches also blasted people for not only confusing him with a racist but for thinking he's white.

"I don't understand how you guys mix me up in this little kid drama," he said in the video. "You know damn well that shit don't sound like me. I've never ever been a motherfucking racist in my damn life. Number one, I'm not even white. I'm Cuban, you stupid fucks. Therefore, KKK members don't even like Spanish people so therefore, shut the fuck up. Number two, my opinion is we are all equal, white, black, green yellow, I don't give a fuck ... So stop the bullshit. I'm just hear chillin'. I'm not even on social me lately. I be with my kids."
Do you think it's even possible that Stitches left that message?

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