Stitches Challenges The Game To Fight After Getting Knocked Out By His Manager

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Yesterday did not go well for Stitches. He tried to make a video in which he confronted The Game, but ended up getting knocked out by Game's manager and then arrested.

This entertained Game to no end, and he spent today mocking Stitches.

"PHILLIP KATSABANIS"... WTF kinda name is that ole' english teacher name havin ass pussy..... The same mouth you talked about MY KIDS from got busted the fuck open now the stitches on ya mouth ain't no fuckin tattoo...... You brought ya lil dumb ass up there wit 5 clowns packed in a Porsche, drove around for 2 hours making a Insta-Movie, all 5 got out the car acting tough because the police was out there, you ran up, ya homies didn't move & you got yo pussy ass knocked out on video in front of the police...... Now all of a sudden, ya IG page PRIVATE lol.... #PrivateRyan #MouthLookLikeAPornstarPussyAfterAGangBang #JustTellYaTatArtistToTattooStitchesAroundTheRealOnesSoTheyBlendIn #BoyGotPermanentDuckLips #VaginaMouth #NowGoSitYoSadAssDownSomewhere #OnlyThreeOptionsLeftNow #GoWorkAtWalmart #DoKidsBirthdayParties #OrTryOutForWWE #AINTNORAPBIHHHHHHHHH #FuckAJAW

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Stitches didn't keep his IG page private for long:

Facts. Good sucker punch though . War time pussy. Next time fight me instead of having your boy sucker punch me. And yeah I got 4 stitches . Bitch you know I'm stitches. Let's not forget you got knocked out in France. We all take a fall sometimes ..... A video posted by TMI GANG #FUCKAJOB (@stitches) on

He also made this video:

#Stitches vs #TheGame #whatsbeef #instamoviebeef #thisishiphopnow

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Do you think Stitches and Game will ever square up?

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