Stitches Beat Up Again; The Game Offers Advice

By HHL Editors

Stitches' tough stretch continues.

A couple days after getting dropped by The Game's manager Wack 100, Stitches got beat down again.

We don't have details on who put hands on Stitches, but the scream rapper owned up to getting his ass kicked in this video:

In the clip, Stitches compares himself to Tupac, threatens to snort cocaine, and uses the word "nigga."

This gets to some advice Game just gave Stitches: Stop dropping n-bombs.

@Wack100 Who the fuck did this bruh ??? Peep my dance moves...... had to repost from my cousin @GMagicBWS ---- advice for that boy lip: don't eat spicy food, as it may burn severely during the healing process... #ThankMeLater more advice: Stop saying "NIGGA" you're white... & other African American rap crews might take offense & whoop that ass too #Pussy #AndDownGoesFraser #BoyWentDownLikeABowlingPin #HeWasntReady #itsKoolTheGroundCaughtHim #YaFourHomiesWatchedYouNayNayToTheConcrete #SwapEmOut #YouADisgraceToMiami #HowYouGetSUCKERPUNCHEDfromTheFront #FuckAJAW #NowImBoutToHitArtBasel #Miami #KOD #2Nite #iLoveThisCity #Zoe 3 things to do with your life now: 1. Go be a ball boy for the heat 2. Try out for WWE wrestling 3. With them weird tattoos on ya face, do children's bday parties you fuckin clown DISCLAIMER: For all Stitches, I mean BITCHES fans.... Since it's over for ya boy & his lip.... Here are some suggestions of dope white rappers to support: Eminem, Paul Wall, Logic, Mac Miller, G-Eazy, Maclemore & my dawg Machine Gun Kelly... Tell em Game sent you #HipHop

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Can Stitches ever come back from his recent debacles?

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