Stitches Arrested On Multiple Felonies

By HHL Editors

We haven't heard from Stitches in a minute.

Well, he's back, and it's not good.

According to TMZ, police spotted the scream rapper pulling out of a handicap spot in a Miami Whole Foods parking lot last night

When they checked to see if he was in fact disabled, they recognized him and asked if he had a gun on him.

He said no.  But when they searched his Porsche they found a glock and two magazines of ammo under the seat.  They also found a mason jar filled with 39.2 grams of weed and one oxycodone pill without a prescription.

Stitches apparently apologized to the cops, and told them he thought they meant did he have a gun on him, rather than in his car.

He was arrested and is being charged with felony gun and weed possession.

We guess the good news is despite all of his public setbacks he has a Porsche and is able to shop at Whole Foods.


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