Stephen Curry's Behind The Back Crossover Leaves Chris Paul Feeling Wobbly

By HHL Editors

This is the year that the world learned Stephen Curry is a lot more than just deep threes.

Last night, Golden State's whirling dervish of a point guard ethered Chris Paul with a behind-the-back crossover so vicious his Clipper counterpart lost his ability to stand. Then, as Paul stumbled, Steph casually drained a mid-range shot from the baseline.

A move like that deserves further celebration, and last night Internet meme makers were busy photoshopping Paul the April Fool. Check out some of the best:

Chris Paul meme Chris Paul meme 1 Chris Paul meme 2 Chris Paul meme 3 Chris Paul Meme 4Chris Paul meme 5Chris Paul meme 6Chris paul meme 7
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