Stephen A. Smith Responds To Backlash Over His Kaepernick Stance


Stephen A. Smith called out Colin Kaepernick for his workout fiasco last Saturday.

"He don’t want to play,” Smith said of Kaep, who changed the venue for the workout at the last moment. “He wants to be a martyr."

The outspoken ESPN personality's stance has been met with a backlash, especially from the black community.

He responded to that with another one of his signature rants.

"I'm not talking about the kneeling, I'm not talking about the protesting. I'm a black man, you idiots. You think I have a problem with a man that is kneeling and that is protesting racial oppression and police brutality? Do you know anything about my history?" Stephen A. said, and then listed his resume. "Black folks in America, I want you to hear me and hear me good. When I talked about how Kaepernick's action on Saturday eradicated anything, I wasn't talking about the kneeling ... I was saying that your proclamation that you desperately wanted back into the NFL ... I said your actions dispute that ... If you show up to a workout with a Kunta Kinte T-shirt on. If you have the workout after bucking their offer on Saturday. Then you have the press conference after where you take no questions. But you'e looking into the cameras, and you're antagonizing the NFL ... what you are doing is getting in the way of your own aspiration to get back into the NFL."