Stephen A. Smith Drops Bombshall About Shannon Sharp's Deputure From 'Undisputed'


Earlier this year, Shannon Sharpe left Undisputed and his seven-year hot-take partnership with Skip Bayless.

Everyone assumed Sharpe departed the show -- and FS1 -- because he had become sick of Skip's trollish antics.

Shortly after leaving Undisputed, Sharpe joined Stephen A. Smith on rival show First Take.

Smith recently sat down with Joe Budden.  During that chat, Budden wondered why Smith teamed with Sharpe so soon after he quit Undisputed, given that Smith is friends with Skip Bayless.

In response, Stephen. A dropped a bombshell.

"I didn't look it at that way.  I would have looked at that way if Shannon left of his own volition.  I'm telling you didn't.  I'm telling you. He was pushed out.  That is fact."  Smith told Joe. "He didn't want to leave. He was notified that his services would no longer be needed."

What do you think about that?


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