Steph Curry Says He'll Do Whatever It Takes to Buy Carolina Panthers

By Daryl Nelson

Stephen Curry seems super serious about buying the Carolina Panthers, whose season ended this past Sunday.

Last month Curry, along with Diddy , expressed interest in purchasing the team after owner Jerry Richardson said he'd be selling it once he was accused of sexual and racial misconduct.  During a recent press conference, Curry said he's currently doing research about purchasing the team and has some help.

“Obviously, I have a day job, but I’ve got people that are plugged in and are trying to see how to make that happen,” he explained. “Nothing really to say about it besides that I’m very interested and very willing to do what it takes to make that happen.”

Curry also said he'd be interested in being the first black owner in the NFL and making history. 

“Knowing and having an opportunity to break that trend and stat, why not?" he said. "That’s a pretty powerful opportunity and one that I know doesn't’t come around that often. There’s not a lot of turnover in NFL ownership. You have to approach it with that in mind and a sense of urgency of doing something historical and unprecedented. I’m sure all of that stuff will come out in conversations in the next couple of weeks and months. I’ll see how it plays out.”

Do you think Steph will really buy the Panthers or is this all talk?


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