Steph Curry Responds To Lebron James's MVP Shade

By HHL Editors

OKC's dynamic duo are going to try their best to prevent it, but it looks like we are headed for a Warriors-Cavs rematch in the NBA Finals.

Lebron James will have all of his soldiers for this year's battle. And Golden State will have its back-to-back MVP Stephen Curry, who seems to have recovered nicely from his playoff injuries.

Speaking of MVP, Lebron had some words about Curry snagging the trophy again that teetered between a fair point and passive aggressiveness.

After quoting Curry's amazing statistics, James added a "but".

"But when you talk about most valuable, the you can have a different conversation," James told reports. "So ... take nothing away from him, he deserved that award for sure."

Curry responded by brushing it right off of his shoulder.

“I’ve gotten really good at ignoring people,” Curry said calmly, when asked about Lebron's words. “So that is the theme of the last two years.”
What do you think about James's point? Can a player with uniquely dominant stats on a uniquely dominant team not be most valuable?

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