Spice 1 Disses Funk Flex & Threatens To Pull Up At Hot 97 [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

 Earlier this month, Funk Flex accused 2Pac of shooting himself during the notorious Quad Studios incident

Flex has also forwarded the argument that Pac got Biggie Smalls killed by falsely accusing Big of setting up the attack.

Bay area legend Spice 1, who was tight with Pac, doesn't appreciate Flex's takes and raged hard at the Hot 97 personality on IG.

Fuck boy flex!!!! fuck u bitch ass nigga

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"I'm going to drag you bitch ass out of there nigga, and stomp your fucking head in," Spice said. "You ain't no gangster. Shut the fuck up before somebody catch a plane out there and choke yo' faggot ass, nigga."
Yesterday, the 46-year old got a little more proper with his threats and hit Flex with a diss track set to the classic beat of Pac's 'Hit 'Em Up'.

Flex didn't seem too worried about it and suggested Spice lives in a low rent area.

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