Special Ed Explains How The Producer Role Has Evolved And Changed The Game

By HHL Editors

Special Ed has been around since the late 80s.  So he knows a lot about rap's evolution, which he discussed with HipHopDX.

While the 43-year old doesn't express a preference for one era over another in the interview, he does have a theory on what makes the eras different.

"Now they're making it more about who you worked with. They're making it more about the producer or more about the DJ or more about the person in a certain position rather than be about the artist. It used to be about the artist and whatever they represented," he said.  "So that's the difference between now and then. The producer's the hot shit. That's just how it's going these days."
Has this new emphasis on producers changed the Game?  If it has, is it for the better or the worse?

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