Southside Goes Off On Lex Luger After Diss

By Daryl Nelson

If you call someone out, that person will usually come back with a fiery vengeance.

It's something that Lex Luger is now experiencing, after he sent a shot at Southside. He also challenged the 808 Mafia member to a beat battle for $50,000.

Here's what Young Sizzle had to say in return:

"I wake up and a nigga want to play number games," he said. "Lex, you a bitch and you know you a bitch. Keep playing with me, nigga ... You already don't got a pass to come to the A ... Let's act like when you did that song with that nigga, bro, and you was scared to come to Atlanta with A-Track, nigga. Let's act like when you was calling niggas, crying [to] get Sizzle on the phone. You was in tears, nigga. Let's talk about how you was just trying to sign to me, nigga."
From there, Southside uses a bit of Blood talk and says that Lex is completely broke. From the way it looks, the beat battle between both producers is now off and a potential brawl is on.

@lexlugertmog lol kno it's lit fuck a beat battle

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Luger's been on a combative stretch lately. Yesterday, he claimed that Future wasn't making any money on all the projects he's been dropping.

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