Soulja Boy On The Meaning of Superman That Hoe & The Money He Made Off 'Crank That'

By HHL Editors

Soulja Boy wasn't always an Internet joke. In fact, he was once a legit World Wide Web pioneer.

When he was 17, he broke the Internet (before that was a thing) with his2007 hit 'Crank That.'

'Crank That' went on to be the first single to ever sell more than 3 million digital copies.

He talked about those crazy, money making times with Vlad TV, and explained what the song's signature phrase -- Superman Dat Hoe -- means.

According to Soulja, he made eight million on 'Crank Dat'. While he's prone to extreme financial exaggeration, we're going to more or less buy that figure.

He also reiterated that "superman that hoe" does not mean "when you ejaculate on a girl's back then put a blanket on her so when she stands up the blanket sticks therefore making her look like she has a cape," as the Urban Dictionary alleges.

That was the white people's interpretation, according to Soulja. Instead, supermaning that hoe was essentially executing a certain dance move, and it had nothing to do with a girl at all.

But back to 2016. Here's Soulja claiming he "started the Internet." [ ] is a hell of a drug.

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