Soulja Boy Has To Pay Up For Assaulting And Kidnapping Ex


In 2019, Soulja Boy's ex Kayla Meyers accused SB of kidnapping and assaulting her over a six-hour period.

Soulja was never been charged in the incident.  However, her criminal complaint led to a search of his home that uncovered an illegal weapon.  That probation violation cost SB about three months in jail.

Now the initial charge is also costing him some cash.

Meyers sued SB for the assault.  During the trial, she displayed photos of her injuries, which included three broken ribs, and incriminating texts from Soulja.

Soulja's lawyers argued that her injuries had nothing to do with SB.

The jury believed her side of the story and last week awarded her $1,800 for “mental health expenses” and another $234,100 for “physical and mental pain and suffering."

Something tells us that SB is going to do everything in his power not to pay her $235,900 he might not even have.

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