Soulja Boy Goes Nuts On Drakeo The Ruler After He Declares Himself "Big Draco"


Drakeo The Ruler is out of jail and feeling flexy.

The West Coast spitter jumped on Instagram this weekend and declared that only he can call himself "Big Draco"

"There is no Big Draco or none of that shit ni*gas is talking 'bout, he yelled.

Of course, Soulja Boy calls himself Big Draco and he didn't take too kindly to the other Drakeo laying down such a marker.

"Anything you rap ni*ggas done did, I already did it, ni*ga," Soulja yelled. "Signing a record deal, I been did it. F*cking these groupie ass hoes, I been did it. Doing songs with these rap ni*gas, I been did it. Y'all ni*gas late, y'all ni*gas catching up. Going viral on the internet, I been did it. F*ck you talking about? I don't need no songs with none of you pussy-ass ni**as."

"The sh*t you doing, I was doing that when I was seventeen," he continues. "I been doing this shit, lame-ass n**ga. You can never be me. Don't ever get it confused. You got about ten more years of work to put in. I'm the first rapper on YouTube, bitch-ass boy! N*ggas acting like they doing something."

Soulja also suggested that Drakeo, who was recently acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges, drop his location.

Previously Drakeo has said Soulja can't be Big Draco because he chose to do his prison stint in protective custody.

Draco vs. Drakeo, who you got?

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