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Soulja Boy Concocts New Challenge In Which Rappers Prove They Own Their Cars


It's no big secret that many of the material things rappers stunt on the Gram are rented, not owned.

Soulja Boy believes he has devised a way to separate real flexes vs. fake flexes when it comes to a rapper's fleet of automobiles. 

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"You rap nigga can't stand on top of foreign whips because you don't own em," Soulja Boy says while standing on top of a red Maserati he presumably owns. "No sir... Young Draco, all my shit owned before I step out all over these mother fuckers... no cap man, you have to take your whip back, rent-a-car rappin-ass niggas," Soulja said.

We're not sure that any other rappers will take up this new Soulja Boy challenge and are frankly surprised that Soulja would go so far as to stand on the hood of his rental car like that.