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Soulja Boy Apologizes For Message Saying He Was About To Die

By HHL Editors

Soulja Boy had his fans shook earlier this week when he posted a snap chat of his swimming pool with the caption "I'm going to die soon. I enjoyed my life."

Folks wondered if he was suicidal, or if the 25 year old had come down with a deadly illness.

Soulja boy snapchat

Yesterday, the Love & Hip Hop star apologized for freaking everyone out, and explained he was just under a lot of stress. Instead of water features, this time he used his fancy cars to make his point.

Just Wanna say Sorry to My Family Friends & Supporters for my comment Yesterday. I was just Stressed out going thru Some things & had A lot on my mind. This Life This Fame is overwhelming at times and people tend to Forget we have Feelings Worries & Problems just Like Everyone else. But Im Good Have no Worries, Im Blessed & going to continue to Striving For Greatness

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Soulja Boy recently broke up with his Love & Hip Hop costar Nia Riley, and that may have contributed to his feelings of dismay.

Well, he'll always have 'Crank That'.


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