Snoop Dogg Will Appear In An Episode of 'Empire'

By Sermon

After Empire's strong opening week, Fox's Hip Hop drama looks like it's here to stay. In the coming episodes, fans will get answers to questions like: Who will inherit the family business? Will it drive the brothers apart? Could Lucious and Cookie get back together? Will Lucious shooting his best friend come back to haunt him?

There will also be cameos. Foxy Brown has already announced that she is on board, and 50 Cent surprisingly told Empire co-creator Lee Daniels that he would be open to making a guest appearance.

But the biggest announced cameo so far will come in episode 11, with Snoop Dogg playing himself. The episode is set to air in late February or early March. This lines up around the time that Snoop's Bush album, produced by Pharrell, will be released.

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