Snoop Dogg: The Rap Game Needs Commissioner To Regulate Dress Wearing Rappers


In an interview with ex-football player Arian Foster, Snoop Dogg bemoaned the state of the rap game and said that if he could run the show it could be better.

"The rap game needs a commissioner so fucking bad. I feel like I may have to step into that role. It needs somebody that everybody totally respects. And we can sit down and have their manager get at me and we can collectively come up with ideas of things that would work and last longer, instead of being at each other, so destructive," Snoop said.

Snoop went on to argue that the rap game had structure back in the day, and nobody would steal or flow jack because there were rules and regulations. He also questioned some of the fashion choices of today's rappers.

"I don't get it if a nigga had a dress and a motherfucking machine gun," Snoop said.

Snoop went on to say that the rap game these days is like the crack epidemic of the 80s; People were pushing rock and getting rich.  But, in the end, crack tore everyone down.

Check his words below.

Do you really think the rap game was more "regulated" back in the day?

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