Snoop Dogg Sued For Sexually Assaulting Woman While She Defecated


An unnamed woman is suing Snoop Dogg for forcing oral sex on her in 2013.

She claims that Snoop's long-time associate Bishop Don Juan offered her a ride home after Snoop did a show in Anaheim.

She fell asleep at Juan's home and woke up to him forcing oral sex on her.

Juan then gave her a dress and told her they were going to Snoop's studio while she would audition to be his "weather girl."

She went to the studio, then got a stomachache and used the toilet.  While she was pooping, she claims Snoop walked into the bathroom and forced oral sex on her.

Later, Juan told her she didn't get the weather girl job because she "refused to willingly and enthusiastically give oral sex."

Snoop says the woman is lying and believes she's just going public now because Snoop will be performing at the Super Bowl on Sunday and that her false claims amount to a shakedown.

He also claims that she's already tried and failed to get $10 million out of Snoop and Juan.

Bishop Don Juan hasn't commented on the suit.

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