Snoop Dogg Is So Mad He Wants The Lakers Removed On Slave Ships


The Lakers lost this weekend to the Phoenix Suns, who are trying to lose to get a better draft pick.

It's a new low for L.A., whose season began with so much LeBron James-fuelled promise and will now almost certainly end without the playoffs.

Lakers superfan Snoop Dogg is sick and tired of watching his boys in purple and gold play. So sick that he wants coach Luke Walton and all of the non-LeBron players on the team gone for good.

"Bad year, man. It was terrible watching my Steelers play this year, and it’s f—-ing terrible watching my Lakers play. Somebody got to go. F—- this s—-. Somebody got to go. Matter of fact, a lot of n——s got to go. Starting with the coach. This s—- ain’t going to work. This is not the LA way. Ship all the n——s out. Get a slave ship and ship all them sorry m——f——-s the f—- outta here.

Sick of this going to act like it’s going to be alright, it’s going to be cool, they going to figure it out, they going to grow. These sorry m——-f——s aren’t going to do s—-. Nothing. Get LeBron some f——— help, because these goofballs ain’t going do s—-. They sorry. They f——— suck. I’m selling my f—ing booth right now. I got a booth for the next two, three years. This year, y’all can have it. Five dollars for the m——-f—-ing booth to the Laker games. Five dollars is the price. Anybody can have it, all the homies, blow me up right now.

Do you agree with Snoop?

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