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Snoop Dogg Is Getting Sued For Homophobic Instagram Post

By HHL Editors

Snoop Dogg packs a vicious Instagram bite. Just ask Iggy Azalea.

But he may have gone too far when he posted an Instagram photo of Cortez Booze with the caption “Whose auntcle is this?

Booze, who has a non-traditional approach to his hair and eyebrows for a man, says Snoop's post subjected him to slurs like "faggot, shemale, confused, ugly and punk."

He reported the post to Instagram as offensive, but it remains up on Snoop's page.

According to TMZ, the Edgewater, Maryland man is now preparing to sue Snoop for making him the object of ridicule. What do you think? Does Booze have a case? He does certainly look like one of Snoop's relatives.

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