Snoop Dogg Can't Tell The Difference Between Drake, Migos, Future Or Any Of Today's Rappers

By HHL Editors

Snoop Dogg has nothing but love for today's emcees. He wants to make that clear. But in an interview with Pigeons and Planes the Doggfather also made clear that he can't tell the difference between any of them because they all sound the same same.

"I don't know who is who when they doing that rap style, and I love them all! I love Future, Migos, I love all them. Drake. They my niggas, but I don’t know who is who when the record is over," Snoop said. "When I came out as a rapper, everyone had their own style. If you sounded like someone else, that word was called biting. You biting my style, you biting my shit. If you paying tribute, like I did with “La Di Da Di” with Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh—I paid niggas who I grew up loving. I’m gonna redo your song, get you paid all over again, and let everybody know it’s your shit, and put a twist on it for the new kids who don’t even know it exist. That’s a different way of showing love as opposed to everyone rapping the same style."
By the end of that passage we had stopped reading in Snoop's voice and had begun to hear Abe Simpson's.

But that doesn't mean Grandpa Snoop is wrong.

What do you think?

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