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Snoop Dogg Addresses Suge Knight In 'Let Bygones Be Bygones'


Snoop Doggy just dropped the single "Let Bygones Be Bygones" from his forthcoming album I Wanna Thank Me

On it, he gives thanks to somebody else: Suge Knight.

In his bars, Snoop credits Suge with making him who he is and tells the world he has no current issues with the incarcerated former Death Row boss.

That n***a picked n***as up/Gang bang on NY stages, hittin' n***as up/Ya'll remember that? Yeah he did some bullsh*t, I'm admitting that/But coming at a real crip like he ain't one/Especially when he helped f*ckin make one/On the dead homies, I was at the motherf*ckin' top/When I hit my n***a and said you need to grab Pac," Snoop raps.

We've been cool/This man changed my life/We made history together/I'm talking about real history.

How do you view Suge's legacy?