Smokepurrp Fires Back After Waka Flocka Dissed Him & Lil Pump


Waka Flocka had words for the youngsters Lil Pump and Smokepurpp last week.

On the Domenick Nati Show, he claimed Lil Pump is bitting his sound and style and called him "the Albino Waka Flocka."

As for Purpp ... Waka called him "a lame" on Instagram and then threatened his Bricksquad artist Loudiene on him.

Now Purpp has responded to Waka's attacks.

“This nigga had his time, he's thirsting for clout,” Smokepurpp told XXL. “We have the same 24 hours. Go do what you do, get your bag. I don't know why you hating on a younger nigga.”

Smokepurpp then explained he's been respectful to Waka in the past.

"I actually met him before,” he said. “I pay respect. I told him, ‘I fuck with your shit.’ So for him to come out like five months later and be like, ‘He a lame and if you say something I'm sending my friend.’ How lame does that shit sound?”

“You’re like fucking 35 [years old]—stop hating,” Smokepurpp continued. “Pump is 17. I'm pretty sure Pump can buy his house. Come on, man. Me and Pump together don't even add up to his age, probably.”

Is Waka (who's actually 31) just mentioning the younger rapper's names to prop up his own stalled career?


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