Smokepurpp Shuts Down Show After Water Attack From Alleged J. Cole Fan


Smokepurpp and Lil Pump's troll beef with J. Cole is starting to get sorta violent. Maybe.

A day after an alleged Lil Pump fan ran up on Cole during his show in Nigeria, an alleged Cole fan shut down Smokepurpp's show in Rhode Island by throwing water and a bottle at Purpp.

An alleged j Cole fan threw water at Smokepurpp last night in Rhode Island. Allegedly he gave a diving falcon punch in the crowd at the person who threw the water and a brawl broke out. Other than that.. heard the concert was all love and was hella lit. ❤️

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Here's how Redditor SlipperySerpent described the scene.

Some kid threw a water bottle at purpp and drenched him. he got heated, tried to find who it was; left the stage. his boys came back out and got on the mic askin who it was. some kids ratted out this asian kid (idk if it was him or not), and they jumped tf outta him quick before cops pulled him out.

Do you think a J. Cole fan would be at a Smokepurpp show?


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