Slim Jesus Did A Show At A Strip Club And Almost Nobody Showed Up

By HHL Editors

Who goes to a Slim Jesus show?

That's the question everyone was asking earlier this month when footage emerged of somebody named Ottawa Black Jesus snatching Slim's mic during a show Slim was doing up in Canada.

Yeah, that was embarrassing for Slim. On the other hand, there seemed to be a pretty good audience for the viral video star even though he only has one (sorta) hit.

That apparently isn't the norm. The folks at Noisey attended Slim's show Friday at Trixie’s Adult Entertainment Complex in Louisville, Kentucky. Despite the presence of titties, they report only about 25 fans showed up.

According to Noisey, that (heavily vaping) "crowd" thinned out quickly.

So it looks like we're not going to have Slim Jesus to kick around much longer. But we'll keep trying to milk it for all we can.

Slim Jesus Strip club
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