Slim Jesus Was Confronted By Black Jesus During A3C

By HHL Editors

Viral video sensation Slim Jesus wasn't the only son of God during last week's A3C festival.

There was also MB "Black" Jesus, who is described as a "Chiraq Savage." During the festivities the two Jesuses went face-to-face.

"Tell them who the real Jesus is," MB says multiple times to Slim. "You’s a bitch," one of MB's crew tells Slim walks away.
Now Slim Jesus has said repeatedly that he ain't about that life. So it's no surprise that he avoided confrontation.

But can he survive drilling one way and acting another? He does have big co-signs from Chief Keef, Lil Bibby, Lil Herb, Montana of 3000 and Diplo. He is also reportedly working on a mixtape. So we'll soon find out.

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