Slim Jesus Admits He's Not About That Life

By HHL Editors

Slim Jesus talks pretty tough in his viral video hit 'Drill Time'.

But in an interview with Vlad TV he admits he's only a ganster on wax and video.

"I'm not out here catching bodies and shit, obviously. Like, I'm fucking smart ..." he tells DJ Vlad. "I make music. Granted I hang out with people and shit, but don't mean I'm out here doing some dumb shit. I realize that if you got an opportunity to get out of a spot, you shouldn't, you know, be fucking around and catching bodies and shit."
Later in the interview, he talks about finding the beat for 'Drill Time' on YouTube and paying 150 bucks for it. He also discusses how exciting it was to watch his video go viral

Check it out below. Whatever you think about Slim, he seems to be aware of who he is.

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